Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cape No. 7 Choice Taiwanese Quotes

If you can listen carefully and avoid being distracted by the English subtitles you will here many excellent Taiwanese expressions used by characters in the movie Cape No. 7.

Notice what Old Mao says in the scene when the two guitarists are considering replacing Old Mao with Malasun (the Hakka liquor salesman) on bass guitar. He is noting that they really want the Hakka guy to play the bass guitar because he is better than Old Mao, but they are reluctant to admit it to Old Mao. In English --- something like: "Don't fake." "Hungry as a ghost but pretending to be polite." And then he says that he is a "national treasure". [I'll go back and type in the exact Taiwanese words later.] Old Mao has the best comments and interaction and his character really shines through in the movie.

Another choice scene is when the town council representative (Aga's step-father) and his underlings are helping deliver the mail. They notice that Malasun is very diligently trying to sell his liquor across the street at an outdoor cafe. The driver of the car comments that that is nothing special because that is all Malasun knows how to do. His wording in Taiwanese is much more colorful: "Flies are always seeking the dung of dogs" -- it means -- that is just what flies do. It is nothing special.

Check back here for postings of more choice Taiwanese phrases from the movie.