Saturday, November 21, 2009

"Overseas Taiwanese!" /// NOT "Overseas Chinese"

Cellist Felix Fan is an "Overseas Taiwanese." Mr. Fan is not an "Overseas Chinese."

It is good to speak up about Taiwanese identity at any and every opportunity -- whether academic events or music concerts. Take the time to set the record straight and to stand up for your nation and people.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Teach your children that Taiwan is a nation.

Teach your children that Taiwan is a nation. Don't buy maps or globes that show Taiwan as part of China. Of if you cannot find a correct map, make the correction yourself on the map.

Tim Maddog adds:

The Rand McNally M Series World Map, available at Caves Bookstore, is one which lists Taiwan properly.

I also saw this 5-inch purple globe (also available in gold) recently at Working House (生活工廠). It's a bit small, so the labels on small countries are difficult to read, but the reason I noticed it was that it lists Taiwan correctly and it's Made in Taiwan.