Thursday, March 19, 2015

How to Avoid Brainwashing Yourself and Those Around You

Tim Maddog posted on his facebook page a valuable list of words that were inserted into the language usages in order to brainwash people.

Don't use words and phrases like these — they belittle Taiwan:

大陸 / the mainland

島嶼 / the island

兩岸 / the two sides

內地 / the interior

國語 / the national language (referring to Mandarin)

全省 / provincewide

外省/本省人 / people from outside/within the province

台灣省 / Taiwan Province

中華民國 / ROC

民國年 / ROC year

中國新年 / Chinese New Year

中華台北 / Chinese Taipei

台灣地區 / the Taiwan area

龍的傳人 / Descendants of the Dragon

炎黃子孫 / Descendants of the Yan and Huang Emperors

我們中國人 / we Chinese

我們都是一家人 / we are all one family

Here is an editorial on choice of words and their affect.