Thursday, February 26, 2009

Taiwan Austronesian Dictionary

The Taiwan Shop has for sale a set of Amis-Mandarin and Mandarin-Amis dictionaries. This dictionary was completed in 2007. Such a dictionary is important for the preservation of the language. The next step would be to create a dictionary where the Amis word definitions were also written in the Amis language. Right now there also is an Amis-language Bible. Someone familiar with this Austronesian language should use the dictionary to set up a Wikipedia Amis language site as well as a Wiki Dictionary. Would that not be an excellent graduate linguistics project? A wikipedia site would be a place of connection for all the language speakers and an encouragement for the younger generation to get involved.

Hahawikideng A Cudad No 'Amis (Amis-Mandarin Dictionary)
ISBN: 978-986-83786-1-2
Publ. Kaohsiung, TAIWAN, September 2007

O Pitiri 'An To Sawal No 'Amis (Mandarin-Amis Dictionary)
ISBN: 978-986-83786-2-9
Publ. Kaohsiung, TAIWAN, September 2007

Author's contact information:
sasimiwasapi @
tel: 07-841-633


Anonymous said...

Cool blog. Good side bar that not only teaches Taiwanese but gives the background behind these words.

Alex Trup said...

That's really useful, thanks for the details of the dictionaries. I'm hoping to pick up some Amis, but have so far been unable to find really great resources.

I agree with you that an Amis Wikpedia would be quite cool, but I think even before that happens an online Amis-Chinese dictionary would be even more useful.

Danny Shieh said...

I'm really interest at this book, but I don't live in Taiwan. Where and how can I obtain a copy?

Aì Tâi-oân said...

@Danny, try calling the number the Taiouan Shoppe 台灣e店