Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Shared by one young Taiwanese woman: "This song came into my brain lately, it's so beautiful, it talks about a man was far away from home , the sunset reminds him about his hometown, the song was forbidden during White Terror of Taiwan"

1987年7月15日中國國民黨結束了在台灣實行世界上最長的38年戒嚴,今年適滿20週年。  2007年11月11日晚間行政院新聞局繼高雄、台中在台北縣三重市主辦的禁歌演唱會,包括呂副總統、行政院長張俊雄、行政院秘書長陳景峻等都親自到場,共同欣賞這些曾經被禁的台語老歌。

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