Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A new Paiwan musical theater:

米靈岸全球首演 Miling'an's World Premiere

Introductory Video米靈岸預告

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Here is some information from the artistic director:

Ticketing Contact票務聯絡人:Kay余筱蓉小姐 電話(02)2910-2305 傳真(02)2916-0049 信箱 0930-047-609

親愛的朋友,我是米靈岸音樂劇場的藝術總監 胡健。









Dear Friends:

This is Allia Hu, the producer and artistic director of Miling’an Musical Theater( ).

Miling’an is a Grand National Musical Theatre work supported by the National and Culture Art Foundation ( ) of Taiwan. The world premiere will be done on April 15~17, 2011 at Huashan Creative Park in Tapei.

Milingan is a brilliant work combining the very ceremonial energy from a living ancient civilization call PAIWAN and the various non-proscenium creative ideas. We are especially seeking for exciting natural environment like forest, ruins…etc, where we can have very strong and close interaction with both the participants (audience) and the domestic civilization.

The above are some links to the website and preview of the production :

Your sincerely,

胡健 (Allia Hu)

米靈岸音樂劇場(Miling'an) 藝術總監 (Artistic Director)

Cell: 886-933236035 / Tel: 886-2-29102305

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