Friday, July 8, 2011

Taking action with a video camera.

Calling everyone with a video camera and a friend fluent in Taiwanese, Hakka, or one of the Austronesian languages in Taiwan.

Please make a video of the person speaking the language-- preferably reading something written, singing a song, etc. Ask the person to write down what was said. Post it on Youtube. And we can post it here.

Here is an example:

I found this video posted by blogger David on "浮雲過太虛"
You can find the words on

By individuals taking the time to video others speaking these languages, the person being filmed will realize the value of the language and perhaps start investigating more on how to read and write it. The increase of videos in these languages online and on Youtube will encourage others to learn the language and also the young folks to learn, preserve, and use the mother tongue of their grandparents' generation.

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