Friday, December 28, 2012

Rapacious KMT Policy: Further examples of threats to Taiwan's wilds and rural lands

What can such a mistress do but attempt to maintain some point of attractiveness to lessen the blows of abuse?

When people in power in a nation do not have a close love and identity with that nation, they will tend to destroy it. The Japanese occupation of Korea resulted in vast wholesale exploitation of Korean lands and resources, in effect stripping Korea bare for the war effort. Taiwan escaped such destruction because at that moment in history when its west coast was ceded to Japan by the Manchurian Empire, Japan wanted a colony to hold up to the Western colonial powers to show how it was on equal footing. So Taiwan was carefully managed and treated like a jewel of the Japanese empire. (However the Taiwanese people were still discriminated against and treated like second-class citizens.)

Not so for Taiwan under the fascist Leninist regime of the Chinese Nationalist Party, the KMT. Treated like Korea, it was stripped bare for the war effort. Paradoxically, the KMT regime was so corrupt that it quickly lost the war in China before it could completely destroy Taiwan. Left only with Taiwan, itself, the KMT was forced to somewhat identify with this land. They tried to remake it into an image of their own lost homeland. Even though making Taiwan a shabby copy of other lovers, the KMT dictators did want to keep some pretty places (and faces) to play.

Dictators also want power and money. And they need henchmen for that. And the henchmen also need power and money so that their loyalty to the dictator will be unshakeable. It was not enough to outright steal Taiwanese companies, businesses and factories that had been family owned for generations. It was not enough to steal Taiwanese retirement savings by the "quantitative easing" of the time: damn the inflation, print money full speed ahead. The KMT also went after poor farmers. So began the long arrangement of robbing farmers of their lands, rezoning them to become commercial property and making KMT cronies hefty profits.

Though it has not yet had a legislature that identifies with Taiwan, in the 1990's, finally Taiwan had a president who identified with Taiwan. And for another eight years until 2008, Taiwan had a imperfect reprieve of sorts from the rapacious lust for power and money.

But ever since the KMT won back the presidency, Taiwan has again become simply a resource to be exploited, a mistress to be used and then thrown out on the street when its usefulness and beauty have been completely degraded. What can such a mistress do but attempt to maintain some point of attractiveness to lessen the blows of abuse?

Can the Taiwanese people ever get the KMT to actually identify with Taiwan? Will there ever be a wedding ring rather than an offer of a pittance for prostitution and a swift kick out the door once an immediate lust is slaked?

Even an article such as this one can do little to shame the KMT into its obligations as an entity living off the people of Taiwan.

Following are some threats of new bruising and beatings on Taiwan that cannot be covered by clothing:

Forced takeover of Hakka farmers' lands in Chudong.

Forced takeover threats to farmers' lands in Tamsui.

Forced urbanization from Haulien to Taidong

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