Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A free Taiwan continues to be a nation of innovation.

This from the Taipei Times, October 9, 2013:

"A local biotechnology company in Greater Taichung on Monday said it has developed paper cups that are resistant to high temperatures, acid and alkaline solutions...

...Chang Ching-wen (張靜文), the owner of a paper cup manufacturing company, has conducted research and development on high temperature, acid and alkaline-resistant paper cups.

Since traditional paper cups provide no resistance to high temperatures, acid or alkaline, many people inadvertently consume plasticizer released from the cups when the liquid they contain is too hot, Chang said...

...The cups can be placed in a microwave and are also acid and alkaline-resistant. They are 40 percent lighter than ordinary paper cups and their decomposition rate can exceed 97 percent. Chang said the cup has obtained patents from up to 100 countries and received SGS and US Food and Drug Administration certifications."


Looks like a good healthy environmentally responsible product. (So different from what you get across the strait.)

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