Saturday, March 9, 2013

Calling for Flash Mobs in Taiwan: Students in Taiwan could learn something from the young generation in Korea

Korean's have managed to keep their identity, language and independence through several thousand years of periodic invasions and occupation by the Japanese, Manchurians, Chinese, and Mongolians. The following video of a flash mob in Seoul is very moving. It starts off with a traditional Korean folk song and ends with the Korean national anthem.

Hope folks in Taiwan will organize similar events. But don't use R.O.C. songs and anthems. Use Taiwanese folk songs and for a national anthem, how about, "Verdant Taiwan"? We'll also need a Taiwan focused flag.

Now for Taiwan's flash mob:

Folk Song:

雨夜花 (though a different arrangement than the video below might be better....)

National Anthem:

《台灣翠青》 詞:鄭兒玉 / 曲:蕭泰然 * Tâi-ôan Chhùi-chhiⁿ - words: Tīⁿ Jyi-giokk; music: Siau Thài-jiân


You could use the Republic of Taiwan flag from 1895, only modify it to make it into a Taiwan Clouded Leopard instead of a tiger:

Or another flag you could use is the Don't Tread of Me flag, but make it into a Hundred-Pacer-Snake... and change the words into Mandarin:

There are lots of other possibilities. Perhaps we should have a mix?

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