Saturday, March 9, 2013

臺灣加油! (leave off the weird Chinese Taipei designation) :~(

The following was posted on Taiwan Democracy Movement Blog ======================================================== Last night, a Friday night!, the streets of Taipei were virtually empty and quiet as everyone was indoors watching Taiwan play Japan in baseball. Following was a post this morning on someone's facebook timeline:

I noticed last night that Taipei 101 flashed 中華加油. And people post things like "Go Chinese Taipei!" What is "Chinese Taipei"? It is such a strange artificial formulation. What other country in the world is named by their capital? You never hear, "Go American Washington, D.C.!" or "Go Japanese Tokyo!" or "Go Chinese Beijing!" In the early 1970's after twenty years of the government in Taiwan claiming to represent China, the UN finally gave the "China" seat to China. However at that time Chiang Kai-shek, the dictator in Taiwan, was offered a new UN seat, a "Taiwan" seat. But he refused to take it because he could not identify with the country that he actually governed. That one chance for Taiwan has now been lost. Chiang Kai-shek's delegates marched out of the UN in protest claiming that they were still the legitimate government of China rather than admitting that they only governed Taiwan. --- Whatever weird name is forced on Taiwan's sports teams by the international sports organizations and a complicit governing regime in Taiwan, at least Taiwanese can simply say, "Go Taiwan" and everyone will know what they mean. 臺灣加油! Tâi-oân Ka-iû!

(Photo Source: 職業棒球雜誌官方粉絲團 )

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Brock Freeman said...

I rather think it would be like calling the U.S. "British Washington D.C." or more likely "British Philadelphia" since that is where the original colonial center was.